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Not All Types of Collaboration Are Equal

How can we clearly differentiate among the varying degrees of collaboration? And how can we apply that knowledge to getting work done collaboratively? This Blogpost addresses:

  • The risk of burn out from what some are calling over-collaboration

  • Understanding that there are levels or degrees of collaboration leads to finding you need less collaboration that you thought.

  • How understanding these levels help you decide how to dedicate more time to the collaboration that matters and less time to the collaboration that doesn’t

  • Gets you to fewer meetings, fewer random emails or texts in the middle of the night

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Team Dysfunction? Maybe It's Only A Malfunction

A few years ago, one of my HR colleagues called me with a request. “There’s this finance team I support and they are so dysfunctional it’s unbelievable. Can you help?” I paused, uncertain how to answer. I’d always felt that I was good with troubled teams, that I had a knack for working with dysfunction. But in this case, I balked.

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